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The Motorola Lapdock 100, manufactured by Motorola in 2011, was created to adapt to the smartphone for easier use for typing and surfing the web.

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Why is my trackpad being jumpy and at times unresponsive?

Every time I try to navigate with my cursor, it does not function smoothly or correctly.

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Can you try using a USB mouse and see if the problem goes away? I'm trying to narrow down hardware versus software.

Also, a quick trip to the mouse control panel, you should be able to adjust the Touch pressure, make it require less effort to make contact with the trackpad.

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I cannot find a decent teardown.. Is there a swollen battery under the trackpad?


The lapdock 100 has the same segmented battery approach found in the 13 inch retina, except that they're flatter, and there are only three of them; it's a sound theory you have there.


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Your sensors are dirty , get to the sensor and clean it with a damp Qtip. Common problem not a big deal

Update (02/25/2016)

Belay my last answer I didn't realize it was on a laptop. Late.

I would try and erase the driver for it and reload it. Pretty possible the driver has gotten corrupted other wise just plug in a wireless one

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refer to this site Motorola Lapdock 100 Trackpad Replacement

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"Forbidden Access" please do not post a link that can not be opened,


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