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does not power on neither is detected by USB

My iPhone is black, does not seems to power-on neither is detected by USB, should this to be a problem with logic board or communication board?

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If it doesn't boot at all, and a computer won't recognize it, all signs point to logic board.

Sorry (but good job in narrowing down possible parts)!

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hi guys i have the same problem i did charge it in my car and it stop working and now is dead!!!!!! and i would like to know were i could repair the power part for my phone and wish parts I have to replace!!!

Thanks guys !!!!

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please start your own question, it makes it easier to handle and we can prevent any mixups


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Not sure if it's worth it, but I had a similar issue.

While charging in my car charger (I just purchased a Griffin) the entire phone went dead. When rebooted the backlight would not work, I tried brightness auto/off settings with no result, the screen would work when connected to usb. I restored it and the issue became a flickering backlight but lost it's ability to charge.

No matter where I plugged it it refused to charge. It is now dead and will not respond to anything hard reset or otherwise.

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