The first generation of the Lexus RX300 luxury sedan SUV crossover.

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My 99 RX300 speedometer ceased working.

The speedometer in my 99 RX300 has stopped working. The needle does not move at all. I assume it is speed sensor related but I don't know where that is located.

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Have the OBDII code read to see if there is a code . speed sensor failure will always throw a code . Check to see if the odometeris still working . If it is then the instrumentation panel is defective . A used panel from the auto wreckers will do the ECM will reset your mileage once installed . The parts on the instrumentation cluster are not really interchangeable you will need a whole unite and they tend to be pricey from new. if you do get a p0500 or p0501 are the usual codes depending on your car there can be an input and an output sensor . Even if only one is showing replace both if you dont you probably will have a failure on the second within days of replacing the first one . Hope this helps

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Dan " don't know where that is located." there are two. You need to remove the air box to get at them. One sits at a 45-degree angle facing the battery, the other sits horizontal and is directly below the air box. Remove the 12mm bolt, then lift and twist to remove the sensor.

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first thing to consider doing would be to use a scan tool to see if the speed sensor signal is available if it is available there the problem would not be with the sensor but wiring ,network or cluster it is unlikely that just the instrument is bad and or replaceable as a part currently this area is only serviced as a unit

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I have the same problem, 02 Lexus RX 300 AWD Codes read 0500 Speed sensors replaced both.

Still not working, what are other options? Is there a Fuse or Relay connected to any of this?

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