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My Android LG phone says it's charging but the percentage decreases.

I have had my phone for over 1 year and never experienced this problem. Very recently i have been charging my phone ( yes it says it's charging and it even shows the light) and i leave it for over 20 minutes and the battery percentage only went down. I DID NOT wet my phone, drop it, nor left it charging over night. I only have 3 apps that i use and do not leave them running. My charger is bran new and i even checked the battery slot and it looks fine. I turned off my phone and turned it back on over 10 times ( within 3 days) and i took off my battery and left it sitting for half an hour and it still does not do anything. Please help!

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Your phone is broken. So is ur charger and so is everything.


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It is possible that your phone has a faulty charging port. Even though the phone says it's charging, the current might not be flowing completely from the charger through the port, hence your phone telling you it's charging when it's really not.

Another could be a bad battery.

I would suggest taking it to a local phone repair shop, or you could use a guide from this website to replace the port yourself. Either that or try a new battery. It's trial and error at this point.

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Check the current (amps) that the power charger provides. The current might be too low so the charger might not be able to charge the phone's battery fast enough if you're using the phone while charging. USB ports in cars are notorious for being low power and rarely can charge a smartphone if they're plugged in and being used at the same time. Make sure you get a high power rated charger that matches the charger that the phone was designed for.

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I have the same problom too! My phone says its charging but it dosnt even go up!! It was working perfectly yesterday! Whenever I plug the same charger into my moms phone it charges perfectly.

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