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A Sony camera in the HX series of the Cyber-shot line.

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DSC-HX30V camera won't turn on after cleaning the lens internally

I have a sony cyber shot DSC-HX30V that had some horrendous grinding on gears when I would turn it on that sounded like it was having a hard time focusing. I took my camera apart to clean the internal lens/gears and got some dust out.

However I put all the ribbons back in...hit the power and nothing. I don't believe there is a little nib on this camera, and honestly can't figure out what else is going on. I was careful about reassembly. Is there any kill switch about a len misplaced or anything like that? Any help I would be really greatful!

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The power button is part of the upper board which I did not touch at all.

If something was cut on the lens ribbon would the camera still turn on or no?


Anyone? I could really use some help


Reversing cables dont do anything.


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I am assuming that there is no warranty on it. I am also assuming you mean those pretty insane ribbon cables that are like cut cables that have plastic snap downs that sometimes do not connect properly. You probably will need to Google you-tube to see if someone made a video on fixing that model. Otherwise you might need to open it back up and see if the ribbon cable is loose, re-seat it and try turning it on to see if it works before closing it up again.

If that doesn't work you might have to purchase a new one. I hope that one didn't cost a lot.

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