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The economical version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, released in July 2013.

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Screws not fully screwing in after re-assembly

I had a S4 Mini with a blown out speaker. I opened it up, replaced the part, and re-assembled it. The problem is that the screws in the top left and bottom right corner won't screw in all the way.

I have another S4 Mini to compare it to, and I cannot see any visual difference in how the device's front bezels are attached. Did I mess up somehow at re-assembling the device?

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I don't have an S4 Mini in front of me...and I hate to ask something obvious, but are the screws all the same length? It's a common enough problem on device re-assembly that it's worth checking.

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Judging from some S4 Mini repair videos I've seen, they don't seem particularly concerned with the screw lengths.


OK, try backing them out. It's possible that the body and the bezel are slightly misaligned and therefore the threads in the bezel aren't engaging with the screw.


Yeah, I looked in the screw hole ,and it's misaligned. I will have to unscrew everything, take the front off again, and try to re-seat it better. Thanks.


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