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Apple iPhone 6 update question


I have iPhone 6 with replaced LCD assembly, it has long screw damage which is repaired. It's on iOS 8.4 and Touch ID doesn't work!

Sometimes on Safari, YouTube or just in multitasking i get BSOD. My question is can i update the phone to iOS 8.4 which is current on phone and void error 53 since my Touch ID doesn't work? I know that once update it to iOS 9.2.1 or 9.3 i will get error 53 100%

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Hi Nikola

You can try restoring the phone to factory settings through third part software without updating the iOS .

Hope this help.

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What software would that be? Is there a link to it?


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Get your facts straight first. you will not get error 53 if you update it to the latest version.

And you cannot update to ios8.4 now, you just can't.

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