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An easy to use home Espresso machine created by Saeco and rebranded for Starbucks. This machine is excellent for every day espresso drinkers and has an excellent build and product life.

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Why is my machine losing steaming power?

My machine is 15 years old and has been used daily with absolutely no issues. I regularly descale and am meticulous about priming before and after pulling shots and steaming. Recently my machine has lost the ability to maintain any pressure while steaming. The light comes on and within about 10 seconds there is nothing coming out of the wand and the light is still on. Looking over the Q&A on your site, I did not find anyone with the same type of problem. My trouble shooting efforts show the following: Water does flow perfectly during priming of the steam wand (with no leaks), the brew head and portafilter. The machine still makes excellent shots of espresso. The temperature of the water is hot. I simply cannot steam milk. Please help!

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A lack of steam pressure or quantity on these machines is almost always due to either not enough water in the boiler or scale buildup preventing the boiler from getting hot enough. Just to be clear, you're running water through the steam wand to ensure the boiler is full before heating it up to steam temp? What have you been using to descale with?

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Thanks for replying! Yes, I am running water through the steam wand to ensure boiler is full before heating to steam temp. I have been using the Starbucks Barista Cleaner and Descaling powder that seems to be no longer available through Starbucks. It is manufactured by Urnex. I have two packets left and will descale the machine again and see if there is any improvement, and let you know the outcome. Thanks again!


Descaling again worked! I am now enjoying full steam power through the steam wand. Thanks so much!


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