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The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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"YLOD" What is the cause of the Yellow Light of Death?

A few months ago my PS3 went belly up after finishing up watching a movie on blu-ray. (Terminator: Salvation for the curious) I have what is colloquially known as the YLOD, or the Sony version of RROD. I hadn't even heard of this kind of failure in the PS3 until it happened to mine.

So what exactly causes this hardware failure? From what I could understand from reading other forums and complaints it stems from an overheating issue from the unit. But what does that mean? Did something melt inside? Did something come loose? Any insight or advice into this problem, and whether it can be resolved by a layman such as myself would be appreciated!

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I had 3 ps3s die with the ylod while playing gran turismo 6 and now I don't trust that game anymore. The fat ps3s are dropping like flies and I blame sony for designing them to last until the next gen systems came available. I'm about to switch to the xbox because I am sick of dealing with sony's junk.


As wiredextreme said most of times it casued by ps3 not having proper ventilation, which then leads to consoles mobo heating up so badly even the solders under the CPU and GPU are melting and it causes cold solder joints.

Also had a guy who spilled a coffee over his ps3 :') bless him... Managed to rescue the ps3 and learnt a lesson... Not to take apart the power supply even though it's not been connected to mains for 24 hours... It can still give you a right shock! :o Scary experience... ha


I had the same problem with my old fat ps3 you know, thee heavy one. I love ps to death but they need to step of their game because as much as I hate to say it, xbox is probably better. You need to make it out so the playstation doesn't overheat so easily.


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To wrap it up in the smallest paragraph, it's a solder bridge underneath one of the BGA processors which 95% of the time it is the RSX chip. The RSX chip is what generates your graphics. BGA processors basically have a bunch of solder beads that are non-lead and due to extensive heat, bridge together causing the Yellow Light of Death or general hardware failure.

Several things could cause the extensive heat.

- Poor ventilation, it needs 6 inches all around the console.

- Severe dust build up, not allowing proper airflow to extract the heat properly from the system.

- Sony uses a cheap base of thermal paste and if the system is one of the original launched versions, the thermal paste is probably evaporated or pushed to the sides and not inbetween the processor and heatsink anymore.

It also can be caused by the power supply failing as well. Probably 1 out of every 10 we do, it's the power supply that causes the issue.

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Thank you, thats the clearest explanation so far into my problem. I will definitely check out your website!


Is there any way to fix it without taking it somewhere to get it fixed ? I've had 2 PS3'S die cause of it


Thank you. Your explanation is clear, concise and to the point. That's exactly what I was looking for.


How do i tell if mine is braking down or getting a ylod?


@annonamoos that depends your symptoms. What's going on with your PS3?


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I turned my console off (original fat ps3 with ps2 compatibility). Unplugged it from the power supply because the lead was too short kept getting in the way. Was gonna get a longer one the next day. Turned the console back on 24hrs later and bang ylod . could not get it to load up again so I thought I might try replacing the hdd and what do you know it works again.

Lesson ... Ylod is not always the end !

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