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O iPhone 5C da Apple foi lançado em 10 de Setembro de 2013. O reparo deste smartphone é similar aos modelos anteriores. Você precisará de chaves de Fenda/Philips/Torx 0.8 e espátulas de plástico. Disponível nas versões GSM ou CDMA / 8, 16, 32 GB / Branco, Rosa, Amarelo, Azul e Verde.

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Doesn't power up unless turned on manually

I got 2 5c's both good both was working fine but started not to charge. I put it down to the cold weather that damaged the battery so I put another battery in and it booted straight up and charged fine.

Now, when I remove the battery and have it disconnected and plug the wire in it should normally boot up to the Apple logo and restart. When I plug the working battery in and plug the wire in it should boot up as it's got a charger in but it doesn't but when I turn it on manually it shows it is charging.

I am not sure if I replace the battery that the phone will be able to recover the battery if it dies.

The phones aren't water damaged and one of them is pretty much new,

I am not sure if this is even anything to worry about as it may work when the battery is out of charge but I just think it's unusual as previously I've always been able to plug the charger in with a disconnected battery to see the iPhone try to boot.

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This sounds like U2 IC damage, this happens when you use cheap third party cables and chargers etc. It can also happen when charging the phone in the car.

This damages the U2 IC which controls charging, syncing etc.

When this is damaged, it can have a few symptoms:

- over heating

- fast battery drain (even in airplane mode)

- Charging when device is on, but not when powered off or dead

- giving the "this cable or accessory is not certified" message, even when using an original cable

Only fix for this is replacing the U2 IC chip, which requires microsoldering.

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i have none of them symptoms, the phone charges when dead but i have to tell it to charge by trying to power it on. if i plug the cable in and leave it i don't think it charges but if i turn it on and it gets the red icon with the cable then plug it in it will charge fine


I would still point it to a U2 IC problem, or maybe PMIC (power management IC)


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