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A children's educational Tablet with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. It was released by Vtech in 2013.

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screen shows downloading firmware

how do i get innotab too restart

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The following is from the user manual for your tablet.

No picture (or incorrect picture) on screen, and pressing the Power button has no effect. The program needs to be reset. Disconnect all power supplies (batteries and adapter), then reconnect all power supplies.

This was also mentioned:

In cases where InnoTab® 3S is malfunctioning due to static electricity, reset the tablet by removing and reinstalling the batteries, or by unplugging and replugging the AC adaptor. Or, if the static electricity malfunction occurred during the downloading process, disconnect the USB cable, delete the corrupted file, and reset the tablet as described above. Then reconnect the USB cable and restart the download process.

Here is a link to the User Guide.

Hope this is of some help.

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