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new laptop is slow / unhappy with performance

Acer aspire es1-512

New Acer Laptop with Windows 10. I've downloaded all available updates and disabled any obvious processes running which I don't need. However I'm still disappointed with the start up time and slow load time of programs. Is there anything I can do? Ive never used Windows 10 before, not sure if its a resource hog compared to Win 7 or not. I have Intel N2840 CPU and 4 gig RAM.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I Give Sugestion to all world not to by acer laptop.

i have bought acer laptop i7 processor very slow running


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Just a few suggestions.

1. Have you checked that 'fast startup' is enabled?

2. Have you checked in Task Manager/ Startup to see what programs are loaded on boot?

3. Have you turned off (the ones you don't want) Windows live tiles to stop them 'updating' unnecessarily. It cuts into your download as well as using the CPU.

4. Have you turned off Windows Defender if you have another AV installed?

5. Have you disabled any unnecessary 'bloatware' installed by Acer?

6. There was a BIOS Version update to Ver.1.15 dated 13/08/2015 which simply says "Improve System Performance' You may wish to check your BIOS version. Here is a link to download the update select BIOS/Firmware tab

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hi Jayeff,

Thanks for the suggestions. I already have 1.15 bios and Defender already turned off. Fast start already enabled, but this must be a misnomer, it doesnt seem very fast to me.

#3 Is one thing I haven't done, so I'll check into that.

If you can think of any other tricks specific to Win 10, let me know.



The only thing that quickly comes to mind is to 'disable' fast start up (I know it sounds counter-intuitive) and turn off your laptop in the normal way (Do not use the restart option this one time) . Then turn it on. Hopefully it will be faster. Have read and also heard that this worked and when fast start was re-enabled the boot time sluggishness had disappeared. It somehow seemed to 'reset' the fast startup mode.


Got mine yesterday 4/11/17 slow slow and slower 3 finger shuffle found 65 processes running at first Boot up updates took 3.5 hours to complete. Got that pee ed off turned it into a frisbee off to get a Mac


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I also have the same problem and loathe my laptop and acer in general now .

I gave up on it and luckily didn't really have to use it up until now, and I'm close to setting it on fire . I don't have an answer for you sorry. just posting in hopes I'll get a notication when someone else comments and has a definitive answer on how to fix this piece of sh#t laptop


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I had a similar problem with my new acer, I went to the microsoft storeapp and found a lot of the pre-installed apps had been downloading/updating so I went to settings>system>apps and uninstalled a bunch of them. Restarted the laptop and no problem!

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Hi my Acer aspire 3 A311-31 is lag. The screen stopped for more than 30mins. This laptop is new and i use this for 3 days now. When i opened my facebook acc and used youtube, it stopped. How can i solved this?


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