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The NutriBullet by the makers of Magic Bullet is a personal blender that is self-contained and simple to use. It includes an electric blender base with a number of attachments for the user and offers a healthy alternative to blending food by breaking down ingredients in their most nutritious states.

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My nutri bullet stopped working this morning black dust came out

Black dust came out from the bottom along with a few Sparks what can I do to make it work again.

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@amiyabrielle the black dust and the sparks sound like bad motor brushes. Disassemble your NutriBullet and replace the brushes. Use these guides to work on it.

If your NutriBullet blender will not turn on, use the Magic Bullet NutriBullet Won’t Turn On problem page for possible problems and solutions.

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Where do you buy brushes? How do you know what size?


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Please contact Nutribullet Customer Service Department at 855-346-8874 for assistance on using the product or warranty service. (Mon– Sun, 9am–8pm EST). You will be required to provide the barcode/serial number located underneath your Motor Base

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Jose Rivera, your response does not answer the question at all. ifixit is not about referring to the manufacturer but about how to fix it yourself. Ever tried to get the manufacturer to fix their appliances.?


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