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MacBook Pro powers on, boots to apple then shuts off

I'm having an issue where my computer boots up to the apple logo and shuts off immediately.

Which I've come to find usually means corrupted files on the HDD, so I replaced my hd, and it boots fine to the screen with the flashing ? folder

In my attempt to re-install OSx from a bootable USB drive, I boot holding the "option" button, then as soon as I click the USB drive to install OSx, it shuts down.

What could be the issue if not corrupted files?

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When you are trying to boot up using the USB thumb drive does it quit then or after it has loaded the OS? If you were to leave it running with the new internal drive with the question mark does it quit then as well?


I'm able to make it into disk utility just fine, even delete a hard drive, just wasn't able to re-install OSx without it shutting down.

As for the question mark, it seemed to run fine for a while, not sure exactly how long though.


What OS are you trying to install? And, did you check the systems firmware level? Here's the Apple T/N on how: About EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Mac computers


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if your computer comes with a graphic most possible it is a hardware issue

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They all have a GPU.


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