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iPhone 5 Pentalobe Screws Spinning

I have refurbished an iPhone 5 into a "6 mini" housing. Done a few of these, no problems. Had to change the battery in one as it could of done with a new one, one of the screws wouldn't come out and now it spins (so not stripped) but turns to a certain point then clicks

any suggestions? don't really know what else i can do.

no access to the screw other then a screwdriver.

i've used a magnet to make the screwdriver stronger but it didn't work

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Try prying up on the screen just slightly as you try turn it out. Sometimes that can push the screw against the edge and get it to come out.

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Well. The issue is that the threads of the screw are stripped. Inside the device. So, you could try super gluing your driver to the screw end, and seeing if you can pull it out, probably quickly

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That would just make it worse, thanks though.


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