Sim Card Reader Broken

I've done an iPhone 5s sim card reader replacement before, seemed easy enough. (Removing the shields and soldering all contacts)

I have the soldering equipment and experience, I just have no idea how to do it on an S6.

If anyone can give me pointers or details if you have done it before.


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hi where about are the 7 solders located and are they the only ones that need removing before the whole unit comes of (some pictures would be helpful plz)


Hey how did it go? I have the same issue here... Do you remove the silver top bit like some or is it all one piece?


I didn't do it. I got rid of the phone. I checked it out and it one piece that is the whole reader. It has about 7 solder points around it and 6 in the middle that carry data.


@tragedon what do you mean got rid of it?


Jake, I think it was a smart move to just ditch the phone, I've replaced a few SIM/SIM&SD readers on different Samsung models and they're all generally the same. They're really dodgy in whether or not they end up working after replacement.


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