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A versão slim do clássico Xbox 360 com disco rígido de 250 GB e Wi-Fi integrado. O reparo requer ferramentas complexas de alavanca e ferramentas especiais.

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What is the torque level for the heatsink?

what torque do i use on the screws for the heat sink for xbox 360 if I'm using 5mm hex head bolts and i think the threading is .8mm and the length is 16mm? got a table for foot pound torque or something?

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CHEERS to blazercook... good for you! Some people are just sarcastic by nature. I keep forgetting technicians are not always people People.

I not only found your information useful but it also raised some questions... some say that you tighten the bolts then use one POWER turn others say just tighten it enough to catch.

What's your take?

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@reply askme1two

I'm glad I could help, i tightened it until it felt snug. Then I applied a half turn for good measures. Originally I wanted to know the torque because I was rebuilding my cars engine and wanted to use the correct torque to give it a fighting chance of lasting a long time. I was applying the same method to the Xbox. My intentions earlier were not to be arrogant like Mayer portrays, i was merely offering a helping hand.



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I don't think they torque those things, after all it's not a header. Use the screwdriver bit that fits and hand pressure should do the trick. Righty tighty, lefty loosy.

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Never mind I figured it out. Technically there is a torque because when they manufacture the xbox 360 they torque the x-clamps so they don't brake/chip the gpu/cpu. I was hoping someone new what the toque would be originally. However i found a solution. I modded it and created a new chassis without using the x-clamps and using the bolts threw the entire metal frame and drilled 4 descent sized holes in the flat heatsink for nuts then i took 8 washers and used only 1 for each screw between the board and heatsink instead of two and it allowed it to make proper contact with the heatsink so is finally working lol. But thanks for trying to answer anyways.


Your calling in life may be as a tech. Nice work!


Thank you, If anyone needs my assistance just Instant message me, you can find me on Google but my A.K.A is Aragon2235 if anyone has any questions in the future try to get a hold of me I'm very active on the net and i even teach some of the kids at my school about pc's and software.


Was that arrogant2235? Thanks for the offer to hunt you down. As I said you might become a tech someday but don't hold your breath while waiting for us to search for you. For now you might want to stay with the kiddies.


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