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Shuts off after unplugged


Where do I start.. My MacBook Pro retina sat in water WHILE plugged in. Don't get me started on why/how.

Let's get to the point.

- AFTER motherboard clean up, system seems to work perfect WHILE plugged in. The second the unit is unplugged it shuts off.

-No OUTPUT voltage on battery after the mini Logic board. Googling around seems like the battery is fine but something on main motherboard isn't asking the batteries to flip on

I'm pretty tech savvy, I have fixed many water damaged electronics. I cleaned up what looks bad. I can't find any schematics so I can only test so much.

Please help!!

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You'll have to hunt google for the schematic hopefully with boardview and may even have to pay for it.

Your board number is 820-3332-A apple schematics uses the board number.

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