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I have this tablet fully charged and won't turn on

android tablet vidao V9tab8S internet tablet

i have this tablet someone gave to me it turned on one time stuck at android logo put it down for a couple of days to fix a pc came back to it a day latter won't turn on nothing on screen plugged it into wall charger it came with waited till charge light when off to show full charge tried to turn it on and that is the problem i am having

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Thanks for the question.

This could be any number of issues. From a 'simple' replacement of the lcd to full on motherboard damage.

The question is, do you want to put time and or money into the tablet.

If this is NOT a repair for a customer and just tinker fodder then I would start with the LCD as the source of the issue. This, is more than likely wishful thinking however. The big red flag is the fact that the Android logo didn't go away. You could be looking at board damage. If you are hopefull for the repair then move on to checking things like power. (Which you seem to have started that process with the consideration of the charge light)

If it IS for a customer then make sure, before anymore effort is spent on it that the customer weighs the costs of repair AND replacement of the device.

Tablets under the 100 dollar price tag are notorious for dieing out of nowhere and being too expensive to repair. Especially when comparing how much it would be to replace outright to repairing an lcd, digitizer, battery, connectors, or chassis. If the motherboard is damaged then just move on.

My suggestion would be to just let it go. You could buy a good tab to suite your needs for probably the same amount it would take to pay to fix this one. Even if you are repairing it yourself.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

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thankyou for the timely reply someone was throwing it away cause they let it sit without charge for a week and could'nt get it working i thought with all the youtube videos i saw i could take on the simple task lol but i guess i was mistaking on how bad the unit was vidao is a cheap brandsmart tablet sold for about 40 to 50 dollars not realy good quality anyways as i have reset this same tablet few times before so it was just a tinker project i wanted to mess with have noticed that it does appear to run for the allwinner cpu does warm up aphon pressing the power button but the lcd does seem to be doa so i thankfully say thankyou for the straight forward answer big thanks


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