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This is a touch-screen controller associated with the Wii U video game console. It was released on November 18th, 2012, and available in black or white. Model number: WUP-010(USA)

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How do I replace the digitizer on the Wii U gamepad?

One of my parents dropped something on my Wii U gamepad, and it created a very small dint in the right centre of the screen.

It's was so small I didn't even notice at first, but it was when I started trying to use the touch screen and found that it was almost unresponsive - taps weren't registering and it took around ten attempts to tap on something before it finally registered, the curser getting stuck right where the dint was in most cases.

Sometimes it would randomly start working again but quickly reverted back to it being unresponsive.

The LCD is in fine condition as far as I can tell - don't see any dead pixels or bleeding, so it seems only the top layer/digitiser is faulty.

So, unless anyone more experienced can tell me otherwise, it seems like a fairly simple digitizer replacement job as I've done with a couple of phones in the past.

I noticed that others on here have said the digitizer is not fused to the LCD, so hopefully it'll be a fairly simple job.

There's not much documentation on the web, so I was wondering weather anyone could point me in the right direction if there's anything to be careful of or something that might break?

Just bought a replacement and already have the correct tools, so I'm going attempt it myself.

Thanks everyone!

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I"m doing this soon...ill let you know in about a week or so. It looks like it justs sticks on!


Um... you know he is probably is already done this was posted on January 6


Yep... he's probably fixed it by now... but this site it's meant to be used as a reference for others to find help.


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Can you post pictures?

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I can't seem to find a source for the digitizer that doesn't just ship it in a padded envelope (I've had 3 arrive completely broken already- they don't even put "fragile" on the package!). Does anyone know a good source for this part?

Ifixit sells the entire display assembly, but I just need the digitizer. . .

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