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HDMI ports are out due to the Hdmi chip burning out.

I have a female VGA port. Can I purchase an adapter from the "female" VGA port to a Hdmi receptor port in order to use my Amazon Fire Stick?

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What is your TV model number? It helps to know what other input options are available on your TV. Can you 'reset ' your TV to see if the HDMI ports start working again? here is a link https://sony-paa-pa-en-web--paa.custhelp....


Sony Bravia KDL-40VES


Was advised by cable company that the Hdmi chip burned out or was shorted out by electrical storm.


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Hi lana323,

You need to convert the 'digital' video and audio signals from your Firestick into a format that is recognized by your TV.

The following method may or may not be suitable when connected to a HD video source e.g a Firestick.

There is this converter ( only as an example. Just google Active HDMI female to VGA male converter. This particular example includes a 3.5mm stereo audio cable, The example also supplies the correct power cable for the adapter. It is needed so that there is power supplied to your Firestick. Unfortunately it doesn't supply the power adapter. You need to purchase a 110V AC input (if this is what your supply is) to 5V 1A DC output adapter with a micro USB connection on the output. Or if you already have a 5V DC charger with at least a 0.7A output which has a micro USB connection (from an old mobile phone perhaps) you can use that.

Basically, plug the power adapter into the converter, connect your Firestick to the converter, connect the converter to the VGA port of your TV, connect the stereo cable from the converter to the audio in connection next to the VGA connection on your TV. Turn on the power adapter at the power outlet.

You will also have to select the VGA input on your TV as the source of the input you wish to watch. Like before when you selected HDMI. Sorry if you knew this. Just covering all bases. Don't know if you may have to check any sound settings, in your TV, if you have video but no audio when using the Firestick.

Here is a link to the User Guide for your TV (which you probably have anyway) scroll to p.16 if you are experiencing any problems with the picture. If you can't get a good picture it may be that as first stated, that it may not work

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Hi I have a baird 52 inch TV an recently when I turn it on after 5 minutes the TV screen goes black but they,is still sound in the background is it from my hdmi ad my partner plays on his p4 almost all day,my tv was very expensive and I want to try fix it before just getting rid. I have a friend that said it could b my hdmi port that is burning my tv out and if I can get someone to solder the metal it should work again. How would I do this or any ideas on were I can take it to have that done? If u could comment on mu post would b to great help thanks for reading


Hi @ruth08

What is the model number of your TV? With that info we will be able to assist you better.


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