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Magnetic Project Mat creates bubbles after first use

I just purchased the Magnetic Project Mat and love it, however, after my first repair with it, it started to get bubbles underneath the clear plastic covering. I'm wondering if the top clear covering is just for protection and can be stripped away or if this is required for the dry erase pen to work properly. If it's the latter, I'm bummed that bubbles were created and I have not been able to squeegee them out.

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Gonna be honest. I bought mine from somewheres else. But it sounds like you may have gotten a defective mat. Contact customer service and see if they'll be willing to send you a new one

EDIT: I'm sorry, you'll most likely have to trade in your current one

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I got bubbles on both of the new mats (I bought two recently). I have 6 or 7 of the previous version. I like the heaviness and rigidity of the new version. It helps when moving a repair from one work station to another which we do a fair amount of at my small shop. The main problem with the new version is that it's a bit stronger magnetically and it can be difficult to get screws off it quickly. I often have to drag the screws to the edge and off the mat with my screw driver to pick them up (when my other hand is busy holding a device I'm repairing). As a result we only use these new mats when we absolutely have to. It would be great if iFixit could fix the bubbling and magnetic issue but keep the heaviness and rigidity of the mat.

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My original issue with the bubbling was promptly resolved by the iFixit support staff. They sent me out a new on right away and explained the first may have been a defect. Very pleased with how they handle support issues and will always be a fan.

I'm not sure if the replacement I received is one of the "new mats," but I would suggest explaining the bubbling problem to customer support. I'm sure they'll take care of you.


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