Mac Powers on but won't boot after the sound

After the replacement of the hard drive to an SSD (Samsung EVO 850 500GB) the iMac won't boot. When you push the button a short flash is seen on the screen and you hear the startup sound. The background light is on of the screen but only shows black.

The installation of the new hard drive was clean an we made sure, that we have no static electricity in us. Everything went well without the use of force.

So far I tried:

PRAM reset, getting into different boot menues or recovery modes and have an external monitor attached. Nothing worked. still the same. The store said that there are no replacement party available anymore do you guys have any idea where I could check?

Thanks for your help!

Have a good start in 2016!


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If you put the old drive back in does it work?

Check that all cables are plugged in.


What do the diagnostic lights to the right of the RAM slots indicate? Did you get anything on the external monitor?


Hi, it seems to be a problem with the monitor. after nothing worked I put the old Hard drive back in and was not able to see anything as well. After I unplugged and replugged the monitor connection cables multiple times I identified several "states": Black, nothing to see; bad 60s TV transmission and the best one so far with many pixel errors in color.

My theorey is that I broke some old very thin cable somewhere since the connector looks alright.

The three status LED all power up correctly: Power, startup, running System.

When I had no system installed I got no picture on the exernal Monitor.

Thanks for your help guys and a Happy new Year!


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