2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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Type of water you can use.

Does it have to be honda water that you put in?


Thank you both for your swift response. Apologies I didn't check my mail until today. Yes I did mean coolant. Was having difficulty trying to find where you can buy it from. I didn't want to cause any damage by putting the wrong thing in. Anyway I will follow your advice, you have both been very helpful


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What are you trying to put water into? Do you get Honda water in Japan?


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Luckily Fran, there's no such thing as Honda water, (or special Japanese water - although they did come out with a car fueled only by water, which is very cool).

There's only regular water. :) You can use either normal tap water out of a faucet, or distilled (purified / bottled) water in your car battery or radiator. Distilled water is a bit better for your battery, but either will work.

For reference, see this article.

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I don't think that Honda sells special windshield washer fluid, so I'm assuming you mean coolant.

Honda uses a special coolant that is designed to not have any reaction with the aluminum alloy they use in their engines. You can use a different "safe for aluminum" coolant, but it may not have the same 60k miles/5 year life that the Honda Coolant has.

Do not use plain water. Do not use any cheap anti-freeze. Make sure you use a coolant that is designed for use in aluminum or you can ruin the engine.

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Just look in your owner's manual. It should say what type of coolant to put it. 98-02 models shouldn't need anything special, they only started doing that around '05ish on. If it's not a special type of coolant, then just use the green type antifreeze. You do not need to buy it pre-mixed. You can figure out the capacity of your engine through the manual, buy straight anti-freeze and pour half the capacity antifreeze into the radiator, followed by then pouring water until full. You'll save a little money that way.

If it does not say to use a special coolant then don't waste money buying the "safe for aluminum" stuff. Normal green antifreeze will work here.

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Always use distilled water when mixing your own coolant, tap water can be very hard (high in calcium carbonate) and tends to be corrosive, eating water pump seals and bare aluminum.

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