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2, 2.26, 2.53, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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How do I troubleshoot after hard drive and ram replacement?

I've just swapped out a 120 gb hd for a 750 gb hd & simultaneously replaced my 2 gb ram with 8gb ram (2 4gb). My mac mini won't start. I get power but nothing at all on the screen.


Thanks to all for this feedback. I've replaced the old RAM, and in so doing discovered two things:

1) the orange band connecting the bottom housing to the internal framework was attached only to the internal framework. I'd left it unattached to the bottom housing because none of the disassembly tutorials I consulted mentioned disconnecting it or reconnecting it, and when I separated the two halves to get access to the RAM and HD, I didn't recall having disconnected it from anything. However, this time, since I was able to find something to connect it to, I did make this connection.

2) the top of the two RAM chips was loose. In succession, I tried putting the 4gb chips back in place & reassembling, then removing these & replacing them with the original 1gb chips.

Each time, I got the same result: if the orange ribbon cable was connected, the drive would turn on without booting but would make a low-pitched beeping sound at approx. 3 second intervals. Nothing on screen at all. I tried disconnecting the orange thing again with the original RAM in place -- got nothing at all except the power light. E.g. back to square one.

On the theory that it would make most sense to retrace my steps from the beginning, I went back & reinstalled the original 120gb HD as well (and in the meanwhile tested the 750gb HD by plugging it in via USB to my laptop -- the new HD is fine).

Even after reinstalling everything as it had been I'm stuck with a mac mini that won't boot, won't do anything but give me these low beeping tones. Any other thoughts or suggestions as to what I've somehow managed to bollocks-up would be most welcome!


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P.S. I've tried plugging in the original 120gb drive via usb to see if the mini would boot from that. No joy.


count the diagnostic beeping tones (see if they are in groups) and they will tell us what needs to be fixed.


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Usually I only do one thing at a time so I know what's wrong. Your problem most likely is the RAM. First put the old RAM back in to see if it starts. Recheck that the new RAM is the correct type. Start up from a system installation disk and format the drive, then install the system.

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I believe that's a good call on the ram. +


+ . Yup, not boot up at all or signs of life = RAM, most likely.


Having investigated the beeping noise, I found some threads that say it's a problem with the speed of the RAM, and suggestions to reset the PRAM of the original RAM. Can't do it via usual keyboard method b/c I'm not getting to a start-up phase (no booting), but tried the battery removal & replacement method from the motherboard. Still getting the constant beeping & no boot.


Where did you get the RAM and what speed are they?


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As for # of beeps: it's just one, at 3-5 sec intervals, repeating continuously. I left it on w/o forcing a shut-down for about 15 mins. It never stopped or changed in frequency.

I got the 4gb RAM chips from Other World Computing; I wasn't aware RAM had speed so not sure how to determine that. In any case I'm now having the same problem with all the original parts reinstalled.

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