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Repair guides and support for phones manufactured by BLU Products. BLU stands for 'Bold Like Us.'

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Will not stay online

Blu 5.0 HD LTE

This Blu smartphone goes online just fine, using different browsers, but only will stay on line 1 to 3 minutes. It then kicks itself off line and goes back to my homescreen.

It is all updated, but still behaves this way. I have tried taking the battery out and reboots, but it still does this.

THANKS for any advice or help you can offer!!

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Check to see if the Download Manager App is enabled.

Not sure where it is in your phone but usually you find it in Menu > Settings > Apps

Swipe to ALL APPS. Scroll down and look for "Download Manager". You may have to scroll all the way down. The apps are listed alphabetically, enabled first, then disabled

Tap on it to enter.

If there is a tab to enable it - it means that it is disabled, click to enable.

If it is already enabled

1. Disable it

2. Clear its data

3. Reboot

4. Enable it again

5. Reboot.

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Thank you very much for your help!! Hmmm......well, to be more specific, I am not trying to download anything, but simply surf the web. I do not have a Download Manager installed in the phone. I do not download anything, so I seen no use in installing one. So since I do not have one installed, it would not be affecting it, I assume. One thing I did not mention, it will stay on the web while listening to IHeart radio, but when looking at web pages, it kicks it self off the web completely. I have CM Security and Anti-Malwarebytes installed and scan regularly. I also have Chettah Cleaner installed. APPRECIATE you help!!



Have you tried doing a hard reset?

Back up your phone first, as a hard reset erases all downloaded apps and user data.

Here is a link that shows how to hard reset your phone.

Out of interest if you do decide to do this would you check to see if you then have Download Manager installed. It is part of the Android operating system, so it should be there.


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Just so we are on the same page, when you were looking for Download Manager and couldn't find it, the area you were looking in, did it look like this?

Block Image

I only ask, because if it didn't, see if you can find it and if so try my first suggestion before you try a hard reset. If it was the area where you were looking my apologies. Again I find it strange that it is not there. Also Download Manager might be performing actions in the background, which could be quite a normal activity, it's just that most users are unaware that it is happening, and if it is corrupted in some way, it "may" affect your internet connection.

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