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A personal computer that resides in one location with its core components inside a case separate to third-party peripherals required for operation, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

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Fading/Shadowning to the right


I built a new computer and i have some some weird lines going to the right,also some distorted text.


It's quite weird how windows and big text just leaves lines/fade/shadow to the right

Note: This happens even in BIOS and windows loading screen so i don't think it's a feature of windows.

I have a Haswell i5 4460 and Nvidia Geforce GTX 960

when i connect the monitor to the motherboard with ob-board graphics this doesn't happen, but when i connect it to the gpu this happens...

Anything that could solve or even deminish will be welcome !

Thank you!

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If it does not happen when you use the onboard graphics and the issue only is present when you are using the gtx 960 then it is surely an issue with the gtx 960. Are you using the newest drivers for gtx 960 from nvidia's website? Have you tried reseating the graphics card in its slot? Have you checked the bios to see what graphics card is selected as the primary? Have you tried different display cables as well as different ports? Have you checked to make sure the display cable is properly inserted into the graphics card and pc? Let me know what you have tried or try doing the things I have mentioned if you have not already done so. Best of luck.

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I tried everything you said and i still have this issue . Could it be from the cable that connects from the GPU to the monitor? Because my monitor only had VGA ports and my graphics card has only DVI-I and DVI-A and i had to buy another cable from DVI-I to VGA, i was thinking of buying an adaptor instead of cable...


Yes this type of problem could be caused by a poor quality cable. Here is a link that may be helpful to you.


I hope this is the issue . I will buy a DVI-D To DVI-D Connector and hope this will work . As from what i read on the page you gave me there is some quality loss with my current cable. (didn't realise my monitor also has a DVI-D cable)

It will take a bit because the shop that iw ant to buy from doen't have it in stock now and it will take aprox. 1 week until they get it back in stock and i will inform you about what happens .

Thank you so much!


I bought a new cable fron DVI-D To DVI-D and now the problem is solved !

Thank you so much,you helped me a lot and good luck with your company!


Oh and silly me,didn't realise only i could see the problem on the picture,it just looks like a normal picture now XD


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