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Silent Switch is Broken.

Hello there, my Silent/Vibrate Switch isn't working. What will I need to fix it? Is it the Audio Jack Connector Flex Cable? Should I just need to replace that?

Also, I have a friend who's power button and volume rocker buttons don't work. Well the volume up button doesn't work for him. What needs to be replaced for that?

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I think the Silent Switch was very poor constructed but yours may not be broken.

Here is the fix way:

Open your iPhone and remove #1~3 connector to remove Display Assy.

Check that small Silver Prong on the Display Assy (which is located above Silent Switch unit) wasn't bend too deep or so. If so, try to bend them back enough to touch the Silent Switch when display fitted in.

And also you need to do something like tuning on this. Look carefully that Silent Switch unit springs back when you going into Silent Mode. I think that cause it to touch Silver Prong and vibration made by instant electrical circuit for a little while.

So tune it up by a slight bending or something.

Be careful not to break Silent Switch unit. As you know it is included in Audio Jack Connector Flex Cable. The problem is that it may expensive and take so much time to be fitted in.

And there should be several difference on replacement parts. I think that won't cause a big problem but fix original one is the best way.

But note that if you have something wrong with units on Flex Cable, for example Sleep Button or Volume Button, you have to replace it.

Good Luck!

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if ur silent switch broken..No need to buy a silent switch if ur phone is a Jailbroken device.. just open cydia in ur device and search Silent Toggle application & install it.. then start using this spring board app... Its simple,amazing And no cost.. This can be work only in jailbroken phone.......


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