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Sony Xperia E4No Sim Card detected

HI frnd...

I'm purchaseing Sony Xperia E4 For past few days before. now only insert the Sim(that Micro Sim).First time only show network. then again i''m remove sim insert to slot to sim 2. its not working.

It showing no sim card dected.(but that same sim perfactly working for other phone)

How to fix the problem..?

anybody experience in this problem how to solve it.....?

Thanks in Advance..

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Karthick M where did you buy the phone from? It is a relatively new model and should still be covered under warranty.


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Look closely at the sim card and see if there's any make scraps or wear marks. then look in the sim slot and see if all the pins are visible there should be 6 pins in 2 rows of 3if the pins happen to his on a bad spot on the sim card it wont read and it only takes one bad contact to kill the signal. You may need to replace the sim card

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Sometimes just cleaning the card and blowing out the sim card slot will fix it

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I have z3 dual. I had only one sim on my mobile. It was in first plate. I was trying to put one more sim to my mobile. And my first sim plate is not working. Sim is there. But it is showing insert sim. When i put the same sim to the 2nd sim plate. It is working. What is the matter. Plz help.

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