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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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turns on to apple screen, then off, then on...

When I turn the ipod on there is an apple. It turns off after several seconds, then back on, then off, etc. I read a post that there was a boot file to download from itunes. Does anyone know what file this is?

Or, are there other possible solutions to fix this problem?

This ipod had water damage and was not working previously. After cleaning the logic board I got it to this point.

Thanks for any advice!

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First hold down the home button & sleep button until the apple appears. Let go of the sleep button (but keep the home button pressed down) till the apple disappears. Let go. It should show the connect to itunes screen shortly. Connect to itunes and do a restore. If that doesn't work double check the battery connections and place tape over the soldered portion of the wires, to be sure they aren't coming in contact with the case or each other. If that still doesn't seem to work, perhaps the battery is dead/ almost dead so you may want to leave it to charge for an hour or so before trying to reset it again. Good luck!

P.S. These are just some of the fixes that have helped me, I'm sorry I never heard about a boot file on iTunes.

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The Byky's procedure worked for me but doing the IPOD restore on another computer.

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