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The AirPort Time Capsule is a wireless network device featuring network-attached storage (NAS) and a residential gateway router.

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time capsule power supply compatibility

TC works just fine , but the hdd is not spinning up .tried another hdd and same thing . used an external power supply to hdd and worked , The PSU model# for mine is 614-0464 , will a PSU from an older one work in it .i have found model # 614-0440 .the PSU for mine does not exist i guess...

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i had taken a shot in the dark and ordered a power supply 614-0412 and they shipped me 614-0440 i said screw it i will try it and it has been working just fine . The power supply that came with it was 614-0464 and that power supply is non-existent . So to answer my own question older power supplies will work in newer models . My model is md032ll/a (2011) . it had the updated power supply that didn't die as quickly unlike the old ones ,now it has the older power supply that had the problems but thats better than not working at all and for 20$ you can't beat the price.

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