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Will a battery replacement revive my iPod?

My iPod has died, and doesn't want to turn on. The home button also broke a while ago, so I can't do a force start up. Will replacing the battery revive the iPod? Any help is appreciated!

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Yes and No. Replacing the battery will revive the iPod, but it depends on where you go get it fixed. If you go to the apple store.. I believe the price is around $80. If you want to replace the battery yourself... it should come out to around $20 with the ifixit kit. I have already replaced my iPhone 4 battery using ifixit's kit and its working like new! Other then that... the home button is completely separate from the iPhone battery... either take that into a shop or have it replaced by apple. Those are your best two options...

By the way, please double check if the new iPod battery has about 2-5 cycles on it. Each cycle is around 1 full complete charge on the battery. A battery's cycle is the most important to finding a reliable working battery.

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So changing the battery will revive it, but not if I have to do a force start up with the home button. Then I would have to replace both. Correct?


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