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iPhone has no mic access or sound at any time, when interacting.

Hey there I have an iPhone 5 that has a fault with the mic and speaker while in a phone call and video's ect.. I have tried changing out all the hardware (put the logic board in a perfect working order iphone5) which made no difference, which suggests its a problem with the logic board or a software problem.

When trying to activate siri I receive a message titled "Built-in Mic Not Active"

Was wandering if anyone had come across this before or knew a fix for this issue.



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Sounds like maybe you have cancelation microphone sensor...2nd mic which is connected to your power/volume flex...if you cancelation mic is damaged or cloged it will cancel out all sounds.

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I did switch the logic board out from the hardware though, I put it into a perfect working chassis and the problem was still repeatable. This wouldn't be the case if the mic itself was damaged?


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