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Starting a repair business - What do I need to know?


I want to start a repair business. I have repaired a couple phones.

There are a lot of tutorials on the internet, but they don't really tell everything I think?

Is there any good tutorial for me?

I have a couple questions like:

I buy lcd's, but if I want to test them, do I really need to buy every iPhone? Aren't there some lcd cables wich can convert the connectors to just 1 iPhone type?

And static electricity and those things, is that really a problem?

And how do you really know your LCD is broken? I have had a couple where I thought they were broken (crazy colors and everything) and a month later they just worked?

Does anyone have some tips for me?

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Simon, I'd suggest you ask that question at this part of ifixit. In the Answers Forum you will only find volunteers that are willing to assist others with free advice. Some of the volunteers are running their own business but have chosen to remain volunteers. They are not looking to charge anyone or to solicit for more customers.

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