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After replacing LCD, Inverted colors and unresponsive touch.


I recently replaced the LCD and Digitizer on my iPhone 6. On reassembly of the product i found that the screens colors were inverted and in negative form. also the touch on the digitizer was unresponsive. I did some further investigation as i believe it may be the a faulty screen or the plugs not inserted correctly. I tried another screen to rule out the LCD been the issue.

I have found that if i don't plug in the digitizer and only the LCD the colors are fine. soon as i plug the digitizer in the colors change to negative. Could this be a software fault or a fault on the FPC for the digitizer. The phone has not been dropped either.

Appreciate any help you can give

Best regards


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Well, inverted color scheme, is a software option for that phone. It is possible to turn that off. However, you need to have a responsive digitizer for that to be accessible. Was the second display assembly touch responsive? Where are you getting your parts from? Have you tried cycling the battery?

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