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Boots, runs for a few minutes, freezes

My iBook, over the last few weeks, has grown increasingly worse at booting up and staying on. Three weeks ago, we could use it for upwards of a few hours, and it would eventually freeze and become unusable. That is, you can still see whatever you were working on, cursor, time, etc, but the cpu simply didn't respond.

As of now, it takes slightly less than 2 minutes, once it has booted, to freeze up. Post freeze, it doesn't want to boot for multiple hours, if not days. The hard drive and RAM are less than two years old, and though I have not tested them for solvency, I believe they are ok. Battery is also new, and takes and keeps a charge. Symptoms occur with airport on or off, doesn't seem to matter.

Does this sound like anything to anyone? My suspicion is a logic board, but the fact that I can boot at all makes me doubt.

Help my iFixit, you're my only hope!


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A blow-out and check or the thermal glue yielded no changes... any other ideas?


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At first glance it would seem like an overheating issue. Have a look inside and clean the fan and vents with compressed air. If you have never re-applied thermal paste, I would recommend you do that. Try these steps first and those failing we'll attempt further trouble-shooting steps.

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I can take a look at that, but I have reservations of heat being the culprit. I have no memory of it running or feeling hot in the last months, though I understand that simply not feeling it getting hot on my legs doesn't mean that it is overheating...

I'm mostly just trying to tease out if this is something to just make the computer worth walking away from (i.e., faulty logic board) and don't think I'll take the time to tear the laptop apart and reapply thermal glue to any of the heatsinks. If it requires that, it'll just get sacficed to the spare parts gods.

There doesn't appear to be any clear-cut symptoms for a dead logic board for a G4, which is what prompted this question... though I may be asking for more precision in an answer than may be possible.



+ good start


Upon further review, and a consult from another friend, I do think it's the fan that has died. You hear it start up when first attempting to run, and then nothing... and looking at the replacement part (even though it's only $20) you basically have to tear down the entire iBook to get it out.

I think I'll just donate the new hard drive and RAM to a not-yet-done iBook of my friends.

Thanks for your help!


No Problem. You shouldn't be afraid to make this repair. It just takes a little patience and delicate hands. But, good luck with whatever decision you make.


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