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The Element GC-1020 is a media player released in 2009 by Element Electronics. The device has multimedia capabilities, offering 2GB of storage, voice recording, and video viewing capabilities.

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Why won't my Element GC-1020 play movies or videos?

The Element GC-1020 is a media player, so it has capability to play movies. However, when I go to the video option on the main menu and choose the movie I want to watch, it says "WARNING FILE FORMAT ERROR." How can I fix this?

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The Element GC-1020 comes with a mini-disk that you can put in your computer's CD slot. Insert the disk and install the AVI converter. By doing this, you can convert your media files into .avi format, which allows you to save and watch any movies on your device.

Here is a link to the Element GC-1020's manual for step-by-step instructions on how to convert your files to .avi format: Element GC-1020 Instruction Manual

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