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Will a 2nd gen itouch Mid Frame work on a 3rd gen itouch?

I have a 3rd gen ipod touch that i just got about a month ago i was working at my father's when it slipped out of my pocket and landed flat on it's face on the concrete >_< i almost cried... that aside i ordered a new screen+digitizer and received it just recently, and in trying to get the old cracked screen off i broke the mid frame this time i was ^#@!#! (mostly at myself) so i hit the internet frantically looking for a mid frame and came to the wonderful site of where they had 2nd gen mid frames i looked the picture that they provided of it over very carefully and it looks identical to the 3rd gen mid frame i have except for a small notch in the upper left corner but it didn't seem to serve a purpose. so of course my question is the subject of this message "Will a 2nd gen itouch Mid Frame work on a 3rd gen itouch?"

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What exactly do you mean by the mid frame?


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I believe the part you saw is this. Am I right?

If so, regardless of whether or not it is compatible with the 3rd gen iPod Touch, that looks to be a VERY difficult fix. It doesn't include the glass touchscreen/digitizer (which is held on with strong adhesive).

So you would need the glass anyway, which sets you back quite a bit.

You are much better off buying the front panel assembly.

When looking at these cheap parts, know that they can sometimes be a great deal, but they are often so cheap because they are missing key components and are REALLY hard to install.

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Yes, that is what i saw, the thing is i already have the glass replacement i screwed up trying to get the old glass off so i could replace with the new glass. I was just curious about the 2nd and 3rd gen mid-frame as that is what i need now -_-. About the front panel assembly i read on this site the that 2nd gen's digitizer is not compatible with the 3rg gen touch because the hookup on the 3rd gen is wider than the hook up on the 2nd gen refer to: iPod Touch 3rd Generation Teardown step 4


My apologies, I didn't realize you were already committed. And you're right about the front panel incompatibility. My mind was still on the 2nd gen, due to the part. In terms of the frame compatibility, I don't personally know, as I haven't been able to take apart a 3rd gen yet, but maybe someone else does!


Andre, this answer should be a comment on Ben's answer.


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The iPod touch 2nd Gen Mid frame is slighty different to that of the 3rd Gen.

It will however fit & click into place, but if you fit a 2nd gen mid frame into a 3rd Gen then the glass digitizer will not seat where it is supposed to and will be about 1mm proud at the top of the iPod.It's no big deal & is not really noticed until you have a close look. The iPod Digitizer will still function correctly.


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