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Complete disassembly and installation guides for most iPods, including the iPod original, Mini, Shuffle, Nano, Classic, and Touch.

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Water damage because of sprinkler

While play bball, i left my ipod on the porch, and the sprinkler's came on. When i was done playing, my ipod (with a screen protector and silicone case) was wet. I wiped it off, and took off everything, but the screen won't respond. Also inside the headphone jack, it is orange/red. PLEASE HELP


Thanks, but i don't know if I want to risk opening my ipod. I might have to because if its my only option. Thanks for the advice, i will keep it in mind. BTW its an ipod touch 3rd gen 8gb, so technically its a second gen

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It’s not possible water damage, it is water damage.

If you tried to use it, or plug it into the wall it is most likely beyond repair unless you replace the effected parts. It never hurts to try putting it in a zip lock bag with some of those silica packets you get in shoes.

There is actually a kit you can buy from silica gel called the "iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit"

I have never used their products before but it is the same stuff just more of it and it hasn't been used before. I have used the packets from other products and it has worked for me. Good luck hope it works out.

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Thanks, but im trying the rice technique


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The first thing you should do is find out what kind of iPod it is. To find out what type of iPod you have, you can use our ID-Your-Ipod tool.

Then, open it up using the corresponding guide on one of our device pages for the iPod

Once you're at a step where you can see the logic board, you should use some strong isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush to remove any white-ish residue you see. Let the device dry <thoroughly> to make sure all water from the wash is gone (this will likely take a day or two in a warm, dry place if the device is opened up. Putting the iPod in a bag of rice can also be useful at this point.) When it is dry, put it back together, and you will have your best chance of it working.

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