Repair information on hard drives or hard disks. Hard drives are magnetic data storage devices. They are used in most desktop, laptop, and server due to their low cost and high data density.

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Suddenly I can't save files on my external hard drive anymore!

I have Sony external hard drive HD-E2, and it was working fine; I could save files on it and copy files from it. But then, suddenly, I was only able to read from it. I find it odd since it was working great for almost 4 months.

My laptop is MacBook Pro.

However I started to have this problem after upgrading to El Capitan MacOS.

Could this be somehow related or relevant to the problem?

How to fix this problem?

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1. Shot in the dark - try running Disk Utilities and repair the permissions.

2. Click once on the drive, go under File to "get info" and see if you have Write permission.

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My Toshiba Portable is having the same problem after my recent upgrade. It is showing that I do not have write permission. Is there a way to change it so that I can write again?


Cj I'm strictly Mac. Please ask a new question and tell what machine you are using and what OS.


I'm sorry, I have a macbook pro.


I'm on windows 10 and I don't have admin permission to change that. I can't even change myself to admin.


I'm strictly Mac. Please ask a new question and tell what machine you are using and what OS.


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Same thing happened to me.

I have checked an find that in the info, the disc is now not writable.

how can I change this back to writable??

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For those still struggling: I have a Seagate External HD that was never partitioned for Mac as I use it to share files between Windows and Apple computers. Suddenly I wasn't able to write/copy files to the HD (maybe due to upgrades of my MacOS?). Followed the advice of this website and downloaded the recommended helper for Seagate. Very helpful.

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I have a WD Passport HD with 4TB. When I bought it, I partitioned it, so that I could use one partition for Time machine, and the other for extra files. Now the Time Machine partition is writable, but the other partition is readable only. I cannot copy files onto it anymore. It may be due to an upgrade in my OS. I’m running High Sierra. I’ve tried to change permissions in the INFO section of the partition, but everything is greyed out. How can I get read and write permissions without having to reformat the whole HD? Thanks for your help.

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