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Why won't my music or text tones play

No sound comes put when I play music or get text but does when I get calls

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Hi broncomike1982! Let's try a few more things.

1) Grab a piece of headphones and check if you can listen music from the headphones. If it's ok unplug the headphones and play music without them and see if sound comes out. Check this trick because iPhone may have stuck and 'it reads' that you have headphones plugged in. Plug and unplug immediately the headphones a few times to unstuck it. If this won't help you out try step 2.

2) Try reseting the iPhone maybe it's a software issue. To reset your iPhone hold down the Home button and at the same time hold down the Power button until you see the Apple logo appears.

3) If nothing came out from 1,2 check if your speaker is ok. Look for dust. Clean it or get it replaced to see.

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