The Kodak EasyShare C913 is a 9.2 MP digital camera.

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Camera not turning on.

I got this camera for my wife. She's been using it without any problem. But after she put it away for a while, the camera would not turn on even with new batteries installed. She probably did not use the camera for 3 months or longer with the batteries in it. Did the batteries ruin it?

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Thank you all for your suggestions, but the camera still does not turn on because I don't think it's the batteries. There was no corrosion at all. It might be a short circuit in which case I have no way of fixing it except to take it apart. Even if I did that, I would not know what to look for.


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Have you tried a water and baking soda mix. Using a Q-tip to clear up the acid?

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NINO Sylmar, just to clarify those batteries do not leak acid. You most likely were using standard alkali batteries, there is no acidic electrolyte. The substance that leaks from those batteries is potassium hydroxide which is alkaline and can cause severe corrosion. Clean it properly with a qtip and some vinegar. Then dry it of with a qtip and some sterile water, rinse with isopropyl alcohol.

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cleaning the battery terminals worked just like a miracle ! I was ready to break the camera until I tried this.


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This must be a common issue with Kodak. Pathetic

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