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The HP Pavilion dv9000 series was introduced in 2006.

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Emails disappear when 2 outlooks are open?

We are using Outlook 2003 non cached mode running on exchange 2003.

I have recently had 3 users who have had there profile setup on a PC at a new location while still having an active profile on there old PC we do this because we do not have roaming profiles.

When they had there e-mail open on one PC they then where setup on the other, there e-mail from the old PC started to disappear it effects there e-mail for that day and up to 2 weeks I checked the server through our Recovery Manager software and there e-mail is gone.

The e-mails are not deleted they are not archived there are no filters setup.

At one point while I was looking into the problem I logged on one of the users PC went into there e-mail as I was looking at the settings all there e-mail started disappearing.

Any ideas?

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I am very grateful for your advice. Thank you very much! The issue has been resolved.)


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You can read these sources on this issue, if you have the desire and time.

This sounds like the delivery location in outlook on the second machine is setup to be on the local machine and not the exchange mailbox. In Outlook 2007 you can check this by going to tools/account settings. Highlight the exchange mailbox. On the bottom of the e-mail tab it should say something like:

Selected e-mail account delivers new e-mail messages to the following location:

Mailbox - Username\Inbox

in data file C:\whateverthepathis\outlook.ost

If it shows a pst file then the email will be delivered to it instead of the mailbox on exchange. If no then try to restore .pst file and again to verify your account. I think the problem will be solved. Can use in this case Recovery Toolbox for Outlook

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I would also like to recommend a very effective third party Outlook recovery software, which is well known as Kernel for Outlook PST Repair that allows you to repair and recover corrupted or deleted Outlook email items without any hassle. For more, visit:

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