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The Polycom SoundStation 100 is commonly used in offices for conference calls. This phone has minimal amount of repair documentation online, however repair is very straightforward.

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Polycom soundstation - Which power supply requirements do I need?

Dear sirs, I have here a Polycom Soundstation Audioconference P/N 2201-03308-001-F (I guess it's the model 110 V) with power adaptor burned. I understand that if I use a correct generic power supply that provides the right volts and amperes and a plug adaptor to the phone wall socket I'll be able to put it back to work. But I can't find information about it, it appears Polycom doesn't want that people knows their secret and escape to pay a lot of money for original parts.

Does can anyone help me? I need to know which pins to provide power and which pins to connect to the line. And also which power specification to provide to it.

Thank you very much

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Mauricio Bertone, it is a 28V power supply. With the prong on the RJ45 connector facing down the colors from left to right are:









and it is most likely wired in a standard POE (power of ethernet) fashion

Block Image

Just not sure why you would not just spend some money on the proper power supply.

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Hy Oldturkey03 Thank you very much. Due to high price of this device I was wondering into do-it-myself a power supply. It costs around US$ 250,00 here in Brazil, it is almost 75-80% of the value of a new equipment. I found a link from one person that opened this power supply and realized that is not so easy to build a similar. I was lucky and found in one bid site (like Ebay) a brand new one for closely US$100,00, which is not cheap but much better than buying from Polycom resellers.


Mauricia Bertoni, email me if you think it will be cheaper form the US


Oldturkey03, Sir, POE means Power Over Ethernet, (as i know)

Mauricio Bertoni, if you have POE switch why do you find a power supply? POE means power deliver via Ethernet. power supply not required to use.


oldturkey03, thanks a lot, in US it would cost US$ 65,00 (used), but due the high taxes to import it would be more expensive than here. And also it would take a lot of time to come. Buddhika Malesh, I'll use this device with an analog phone line, which means I can't provide the energy from the phone line. Also, as this Polycom Soundstation has only one connection - RJ45 - It's not possible to connect a sepparated power supply, as in other models... :(


As per spec your device is not support POE, only way to buy 25W power supply. if you willing to by 12V power support it should capable to deliver 3A currant. if you buy 24V power supply 1.5 A enough to power up.


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can i use the soundstation2 power supply for soundstation1?

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