Replacing USB port problem


I started to replace the USB-port on my S3, but the solder from on the motherboard isnt there anymore (guess it got stuck in the old port).

So basically I've only got plastic PCB-board where to solder the new port.

Ive tried to add new solder to replace the lost solder, but it wont stick to the PCB.

Is there any way to get it to stick to the board?

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I had the exact same problem. You can get new pads online and glue them to the board with liquid epoxy. Not easy, but far easier than using wires.

Ps. I luckily found a phone with broken lcd for 25€ and just changed my screen to it :D


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thats not solder you tore off the board, its the pads that the solder attaches to. No, its not going to "stick" to anything if there are no pads on the board. At this point your options are to either create jumpers between the pins of the charge port to where the traces go, or try to rebuild the pads. Good luck.

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in other words, get a new logic board lol.


the answer of "get a new logic board" always cracks me up. Theres no point in the world of replacing a logic board, at that point you replace the device not repair it. He came asking for a repair solution and you told him to go buy a new one. If you ask me for a repair solution, I'll give you what you asked for.

Yeah, it'd be over in the parts heap in my shop unless someone wanted to pay me to fix it but yes, it can be fixed its just not necessarily practical.


In this case, replacing the logic board is the easiest and probably cheapest solution. I can pick the boards up for £10 from phones with a dead display. Same applied to S4. The logic boards are so cheap that replacing them is far easier.


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