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iPhone 6 after water damage black screen

Hi there ,

Question is, i got a iphone 6 64 gig silver

I dropped it into water and repaired it isopropyl alcohol 97 %, now , itunes recognizes it in dfu mode , for restore , but then i get fault 4005 .

But i just got a black screen ... nothing is visual , i cleaned the motherboard verry good and no damage is seen ... I even tried another iphone 6 screen , but still nothing visual, anybody here got any advice or tips ?


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Did you let the phone completely dry out, I would let it dry at least a few days.

Make sure all cables are in correctly especially if you replaced the screen.

Make sure you have the latest Itunes installed on the computer you are using.

Try resetting the sim card.

If that doesn't help call Apple or your phone carrier for replacement.


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Thank you for the tip ! I will wait few days

And spam ?


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