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Released June 2009 / 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Why is my hard drive not being recognized after replacing the cable?

I am getting a flashing folder with a question mark in it... This is even after replacing the HDD cable twice for this machine, with supposedly new parts. It boots fine off an external drive, and I have now replaced the cable twice and neither time have I gotten any love. Additionally, I should mention that I don't feel the drive spinning up when I connect the new cables (or old cable). I know the internal drive is good, because it boots other machines with no issues. Any ideas other than try a third cable?


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In my experience a failed cable on this model will destroy the hard drive completely about 50% of the time. If the new cables you got did not have paper covering on the sticky surfaces they are not new. I also replace these with the widener, more substantial 2012 cable. I put pads on either side of the cable as it comes over the top to protect them from being hit by the bottom cover.

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Just a shot in the dark but I have had times when dirt , dust has got into the conector and caused problems . That said try blowing out the hard drive sata conection with compressed air as well as the outlet on the motherboard. Hope this helps

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