Apple said it isn't the battery...


I spilled some wine 3 years ago on the keyboard. Fortunately after drying it, my macbook restarts :)

But last month the battery didn't charge and indicate 0%. Apple store estimated first that was the battery and i accepted their cost estimate.

The problem is that they phoned me back to say that was not only the battery because there was some traces of humidity and they didn't want to repair unless changing all the composants.... $$$$$$

So I'm searching for the faulting component to change it myself.... Do you think it could be the I/O board ? I believe because there is magsafe caracteristic on it.

Could be another part? To be sure, I don't want to buy all parts to try and build another macbook.

I specify that everything else works perfectly !

Sorry for the english.... Thank You for your help !

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