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I didn't change my home button, but I just got Error 53

I was repairing my iPhone 6 Plus' screen and when I finished, Touch ID seemed to be failing every time I tried to activate it. I tried updating to iOS 9 and halfway through it iTunes shot out error 53. I've been looking around and from what I gather it's a problem with Touch ID. But why is there a problem in the first place if I didn't change my home button? If I fix Touch ID with a new extension flex for example, will it clear the error? Only my home button was working before my attempted update, but not Touch ID. Any help is appreciated.

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Error 53 related to touch id, its conman issue when you replace home button. you may required original spars to fix this out.

try to get support from Apple genius bar

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Thing is, it's not replaced (the home button); just the screen is replaced.


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