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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 3 (A1599). Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Mini 3 is the successor to the iPad Mini Retina (now known as the iPad mini 2).

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Remove the original home button when replacing iPad mini screen

I'm replacing the digitiser screen on an iPad Mini. I want to retain the original home button so that the fingerprint recognition still works. I can't find a guide to removing the original home button from the digitiser panel. It seems to be glued in place with something harder/stronger than the usual double-sided tape. Is there a guide for this? It is not included in the screen replacement instructions.

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Thanks for the answers Ross and Jimfixer.

I used the iFixit heat pack from the front face of the screen, just over the button area and it softened the glue enough to be able to slide a sharp knife into the glue.

Now I just need to put it all together with the new screen.



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There is a guide here on ifixit

iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi Teardown

and it does appear that it is glued down. A hot air gun should help release it but take care not to get it too hot as it can melt solder as well. A hair dryer may work as well

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Its hot glued down you could try a hot air gun to heat the glue and soften it

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I have found that applying a small amount of heat and then lifting the hot glue part out with tweezers works well :)

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